Wood, smooth lines and a touch of nature counterbalance the hustle and bustle of every day.
The Slovene footstool’s unique design catches the eye and tempts us with its gentle touch and unlimited functionality.
When designing it we considered our modern needs, and in so doing it bears the stamp of modernity.
It has a built in draw to keep your mobile phone, tablet or other devices safe.

The footstool has always been the symbol of the home's soul, which is why it can add a special touch to any room.
It encourages you to use it in different ways every day.

It can be playful or modern, but always brings a smile to your face. The Slovenian footstool
offers innovative methods of use for all ages and makes for
the perfect companion in modern times.

Slovene footstool has inside a secret compartment where various objects can be kept or even hidden from others - or just to be playful.
It also makes a great place for storing knick-knacks - so you’ll always know where to find them.

Designer: Matic Treven
Made from Slovene wood in Mizarstvo Florjančič