A unique gift with ancient tradition
The footstool has been an indispensable family item since ages past.
Its versatility stands out and fires our imaginations.


In the hands of children it can be turned into a chair or a small table, used as a playing surface, a holder for tablets (useful when watching cartoons or films), a fortress or simply a place to store toys. It is also an indispensable assistant for getting to those hard to reach places. This makes the Slovene footstool a unique helper – it helps children make their first important
discoveries around the house.


When used by students, the footstool can transport them back to their childhood or be a useful item in their new experiences. It can be used for storing mobiles, tablets or anything else that needs to be at hand. The footstool is so light and convenient it can be easily transported anywhere.


Its aesthetics will appeal to adults. As a support for legs it has health benefits and can improve circulation. It can also be used as a step for reaching those forgotten items in high wardrobes. After a long, exhausting day it is the perfect place to sit down, relax and see things from a different perspective.


finish your work on the computer at home in comfort using the footstool
on the sofa, in an armchair or even in bed.
It also makes an excellent storage area for
newspapers and books.

The Slovene footstool is made from solid oak.
Its elegant and timeless design fits perfectly in either a more traditionally furnished or modern home.

Inside it has a secret compartment where various objects can be kept or even hidden from others - or just to be playful.

It also makes a great place for storing knick-knacks - so you’ll always know where to find them.